Almost a decade ago, my fascination with crocodiles began taking root. Eventually, it turned into an obsession. I had been tracking and observing various crocodile populations in this region (Kutch, India) for several years.

I was surprised to find that my amateur work was starting to fill major missing gaps in scientific research which had lapsed in this region for almost 30 years! So I started formalizing my work.

The Mahim Pandhi Wildlife Foundation was founded to start addressing the severe lack of data for these crocodiles. We started our flagship project DesertCrocs in 2018. We are also working on a documentary, Dragons in the Desert, scheduled for release in mid-2021.

See our YouTube channel for a look inside our work with crocodiles and more.

For maximum simplicity, our organization asks for no donations, and is fully self-funded through QuadSpinner.