Realism in Vue takes a fundamental look at how nature works and interprets those rules into the Vue paradigm. Covering the core pillars of nature found in Vue – Atmosphere, EcoSystem, HyperTerrain, Material, and Terrain – this approach will dramatically increase your practical knowledge of and confidence in the technology. Dax reveals new techniques and also upgraded versions of existing techniques that continue to empower professional Hollywood artists. The unique chapter on Perception and its vital role will give your renders that often elusive ‘something special’.

Based on real production scenarios, Realism in Vue places great emphasis on achieving superior realism within budget and time constraints. All examples shown throughout the book are taken from actual projects. A special section is dedicated to developing custom render settings for significantly faster renders.

Additionally, the book is version agnostic – apart from a few features specific to certain versions of Vue, almost all techniques can be applied universally to most editions of Vue.

Realism in Vue contains hundreds of full color renders and is printed on glossy paper with a rigid paper cover. Order your copy now so you can take your work to a completely new level.

"It didn't take long to realize that the best guy on the planet is Dax Pandhi. His understanding of real world environments and terrains blows the doors off of anyone I've ever seen. The guy is simply amazing. He is a weapons grade talent."

Doug Drexler
VES, Emmy, and Academy Award winning artist

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About the author

"I would love to create a world in Vue and live there."

Dax Pandhi is both artist and technician. His scientific mind prods him to probe, challenge and invent. The results of these trials are refined by his masterful eye for composition and story. Dax's innovations in CGI are testament to his deeper understanding of nature's processes and his effective translation of that knowledge onto the digital platform.

Dax is also a gifted teacher. Beyond this book, he has gained popularity through his training videos that share his unique methods in a simple format. "Learning all of this doesn't mean anything if I can't share it with others."

Dax's artistic roots are in traditional painting and photography - each serving as a feedback loop for the other. In 2007, he released his first photography book, Visit to Earth. He is currently working on two other photo books.

Outside of his background in art, Dax has built a successful career in technology, ranging from CGI to software programming. Based on his innovative design work and service under his company Nukeation Studios, Dax was awarded Microsoft's MVP for 3 consecutive years. He served as journalist for Associated Press covering the aftermath of the devastating 2001 earthquake in Bhuj. He is proficient in 8 computer languages and 4 human languages.

Dax lives in the desert in Bhuj, India.

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