My name is Dax Pandhi,
master of the universe.

In my spare time, I'm the co-founder of QuadSpinner, inventor of Gaea, GeoGlyph, and several other software, occassional lecturer, author of a couple of books, environment artist for games and films, trainer of Oscar® and Emmy® winning artists, C# programmer, former Microsoft® MVP, former journalist, high school dropout, photographer, sarcasm enthusiast,
and lover of all things crocodilian.

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My day job

Travel the world to learn how nature works. Then create software that mimicks nature, which artists use to create blockbuster films, TV shows, and AAA games like Doom.

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My night job

See: "day job".

Recent Talks

Reinvigorating Large Scale Digital Environments

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Boston, United States (Oct 17)

End User Event
Utrecht, Netherlands (Jun 17)

Upcoming Talks


You can see my art portfolio on Artstation.

I wrote a book called Realism in Vue, which fortunately got sold out pretty quickly, but unfortunately hasn't be reprinted. I have just written another one called Secrets of Environment Design (coming late April 2018). I also published photo book called Journey to Earth, but it is no longer in print.

I have plans for two more technical books, and two more for the general reader. Just need some time to sit down and write. Maybe next weekend.


These days, I'm mainly focused on R+D at QuadSpinner, but I enjoy working with artists to raise the bar of what we can achieve with CGI - especially on microscopic budgets.

Some of my training clients include Dreamworks, NBC/Universal, and Valve, as well many individual artists.


You would be hard pressed to find me without my camera. You can see some of my photos on Flickr.


I love crocodiles, and try to spend my weekends with a couple of wild croc groups I track. These magnificent dinosaurs - yes, that's what they are - are so misunderstood, and need to be studied, protected, and cherished!

They... are... DINOSAURS!

You can see photos on my Flickr.


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